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Your search to hire a Tableau Developer or Technical Recruiter starts here.

We understand that the Tableau Developer or Technical Recruiter we trained will be working in mission critical areas for a business or organization. So from the start, we’re very selective about the candidates we accept.

We have diverse group of experts in each cohort, so no matter your industry or field, we will have a talented, qualified candidate for you!



  • Meet our job-seeking Tableau / Data Analyst / Technical Recruiter graduates.
  • Get access to our resume book of recent Predire AnalyzeData Academy graduates.
  • Personal introductions to relevant candidates for your job openings.
  • Speak to students during Academy or host a sharing session at your office.
  • Share your data for our students to use for their final project.
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We know our students well. Our goal is to provide you with talent that will not only be a good fit today, but will continue to evolve with the changing needs and aspirations of your company. At the end of the Academy, our graduates would  possess proficiency in the following specializations.



Our graduates will be skilled at creating data products and dynamic dashboards using Tableau. Graduates will also be able to create a data-centric application with interactive visualizations.

Technical Recruiter


Our graduates will be skilled at Technical Recruiter. As a technical recruiter, graduates will help companies meet the ever-growing demand for technical talent.  Fill job openings in areas such as software development, systems administration, databases, architecture, and business processes. This learning path offers you essential knowledge on how to realistically source, screen, and present qualified candidates.

  • Discover the various segments of IT recruiting.
  • Develop a pipeline of qualified candidates.
  • Create a four-step hiring practice to attract top performers.